by Josh Starmer

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The second EP in a two part song collection.
'Immorality' is a collection of songs, derived from personal experience, inspired by an emotional disconnect caused by immorality.

The first part of this EP, which is called 'Morality', was released in February 2013.

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released September 9, 2013

All songs written, composed, produced and performed by Josh Starmer.
Track 8 features guest vocals performed Poppy Starmer.
Album artwork photography by Richard Starmer.



all rights reserved


Josh Starmer UK

I sing, write songs and make music!

My music varies from theatrical electropop, to acoustic piano songs, to ambient/chillout pieces.

Please check out my records!

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Track Name: The Apple Tree
Please don't eat
an apple from the tree

You must not eat
an apple from the tree

They are poison apples
They are poison apples
They are poison apples
They are poison apples
Track Name: Army Of Hypocrisy
They say that
we've lost you
to the army
of hypocrisy

but I think
that I want
to save

you don't need
to feel that
you are one
of them

because I know
you don't belong
you've shown
me that


but now

you've gone back
on everything
you believe

just because
it is easier

they promised you
the good life
a life
without pain

but have you
really got that?

I don't think so!

come back
please come back
to the other side

we need you
to fight

I took my weapons
and I took my armour
and I ran into battle, alone
I did all I could, but the army was too strong
it's only getting larger
and I am growing weaker.
Track Name: The Real You
To do what you have done
is unspeakable

To do what you have done
is despicable

And your sense of pride
baffles Me

Your sense of delusion
amuses me

Stop looking at the photograph
and start looking in the mirror

I want to see
the real you

I need to see
the real you

That photo was taken
in 2009

I thought you were good then
I thought you were good then
I thought you'd changed
We all thought you'd changed

But the poison was injected
By someone so dear to you
What have they done?!

Look what they've done!
Look what they've done!

Look what they've done to you.
Track Name: Fire Dance
You're dancing 'round the fire

Keep dancing 'round that fire
Watch out, you may get burned

You're dancing 'round the fire
I watch you dance around the fire
Keep dancing 'round that fire
Watch out you may get burned

The fire's gonna spread
The fire's gonna spread
The fire's gonna spread
And you'll take back those words you said.
Track Name: It's All Happening Over Here
You don't know what the problem is, do you?
You expect me to believe all that, don't you?
Your naivety does not fool me.
Nothing you say can get past me
I see exactly what is happening here

What did you expect from me?
I can see that you're intrigued by me
You can not understand
Why I tell the truth

I'm smarter than you think
I can see under the pink
and I know exactly
what is happening here

You don't exist!
You left me here, a long time ago
and now your body
has been taken over

I'm not sure
if she's your master
or just a witch, wearing a mask
Either way she has no right to be here!

Come on, just admit it
She's vile, and you know it
She's vile, you can see it it
Come on, just accept it!

And in the moment you do,
You'll have the chance to break through
and if you can't, you must be vile too.
Track Name: A Closed Door/(You Haven't Seen) The Last Of Me

I've had a lot of dealings
with people like you.
Take my word for it,
I know a thing or two

Do you think it's that easy
to get right past me?
Do you want to ignore it
Or see what I see?

You'll have to try harder
If you want me to like you
Just a little bit harder
if you want me to like you

What makes you think?
That I'd want to know you
What makes you think?
That I'd want to know you

You've done nothing for me
and you expect me to like you
You've done nothing but hurt me
and expect me to like you?

Here's a little bit of advice for you
Take my advice, if you want me to like you

Open up the door
and I'll walk straight through it
Keep it closed,
and I won't try to break in


I can see through the burning flames
I know all about the deals you made
Scratch her back and she'll scratch yours
Close the book and slam the door

One day you'll learn that I'm in control
You might regain your mind and soul
But that doesn't mean you'll ever be free
You haven't seen the last of me!